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The White Onion, Wimbledon – A Hearty Suburban Bistro

July 25, 2017

Most people make a special trip to Wimbledon, or indeed their first ever trip to Wimbledon, for the tennis. But not me. All that racquet-swinging and ball-slinging punctuated by the occasional grunt doesn’t particularly interest me, I waited until the tennis was over and went in search of a decent meal. This, I think, is a sport in itself and almost as hard as lifting that coveted trophy when you’re in certain well-heeled neighbourhoods… Despite their high-brow stores and their village-esque vibes, a quick wander down those high streets will uncover a chain… of chain restaurants, that is. Which makes The White Onion really stand out in more ways than one.

This contemporary French restaurant has made its home in Wimbledon village for the past two years, and judging by the steady stream of diners waltzing in on an ordinary Tuesday night, it’s got a loyal following amongst the locals. And why wouldn’t it; the dining room is charming but not pokey, modern but still homely, and the menu is neither daunting nor boring. The food is billed as French, but completely classic it is not with some more exotic influences sprinkled subtly throughout the dishes. Upon first impressions, The White Onion had all the makings of a good neighbourhood bistro.

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