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Tom Simmons, Tower Bridge – A Fine Example of Classic Comfort

August 15, 2017

After a quick scan of the menu, a certain someone and I collectively, and subconsciously, let out a little yelp of surprise. Here we were at a brand-spanking new restaurant and there were no freakazoid multi-patty burgers on offer, nothing that could magically turn into a made-for-instagram rainbow in a bowl, and we didn’t have to google any obscure ingredients from far flung corners of the world. We also didn’t have to strain our voices conversing with each other across the table or strain our eyes trying to read the menu in the first place. My dear friends, I cannot express enough what a luxury that was! That’s not to say that the new Tom Simmons in Tower Bridge isn’t chic; it’s quite a sleek affair, it’s just not foolishly trying too hard.

Perhaps the only on-trend aspect is that Simmons’ heritage, Welsh in this case, is brazenly displayed throughout the publicity and communications surrounding the restaurant – this seems to be a key element in marketing these days and it often works. Personally, I like a chef who knows their roots, and thankfully, Simmons also knows how to be subtle about it in the dishes. Welsh ingredients infiltrate the menu, but even so, at no point did it feel like a gimmick. In light of all the aforementioned food fads littering restaurant menus all over London, it was nice to see a new player executing some old tricks with their own flair for a change.

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