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Eating Abroad Featured Norway

Oslo – A Weekend Getaway Guide

September 5, 2017

If a certain someone was hoping to find himself in the eerie, mysterious Oslo portrayed in Jo Nesbo’s popular crime thrillers, then he would have been mightily disappointed. I can imagine the city having a sense of moodiness in the long, dark winter months but our late summer visit meant balmy temperatures and a bit of Scandinavian sunshine, which suited me just fine. When I think of Norway, I always envisage luscious green forests and endless fjords, but nestled amongst all this natural beauty is also a fast-growing cosmopolitan city with plenty of heritage and culture to offer. The Oslo we met was calm, clean and compact – all the ingredients for a relaxing city break weekend!

I imagine many visitors use Oslo as the starting point for their tours of the famous fjords, but with only a weekend in town, we decided to forgo any time at sea and stay put in the city. However, with the many green spaces dotted in and around the neighbourhoods, and the laid back atmosphere, we didn’t feel like we were missing out too much. Our agenda for the weekend was focused on the museums, cityscapes, and the food… of course, the food. This is what we got up to and where we ate during our Oslo escape…

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Eating Abroad England

Bristol – A Weekend Getaway

July 26, 2016

Do you ever arrive in a new city and find yourself thinking about how much it reminds you of your hometown? I wonder if it’s an expat/immigrant/nomad thing because I’ve noticed recently that we do it a lot. I can’t imagine myself living back in Wellington just yet but I do miss little things about it… the breezy waterfront, the compact city centre, and our famous steep streets. So I guess when we find somewhere that has some of those things, we almost instantly feel a little more relaxed and at home.

When we arrived in Bristol, we had a good feeling that we would like it… by the time we left, we were certain of it. We found a harbourside area where you can get a whiff of the sea, a compact city you can easily walk around in, and hills to give your calves a work out. Tick, tick, tick; no wonder we felt so at home there… throw in the friendly local vibe and the vibrant dining scene and we were sold! Ours was a very snappy visit, but we’d be more than happy to drop by again…

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Eating Abroad Europe Portugal

Lisbon – A Food Tour

February 10, 2015

I’ve been harbouring a desire to visit Lisbon since one afternoon in 2011 when I whittled away hours in a cushy leather seat at Wellington’s Embassy Theatre watching a film called Mysteries of Lisbon. Doesn’t ring any bells? It’s an elaborate web of love affairs, illegitimate children and extravagant costumes set in 19th century Portugal, so not your usual run of the mill Hollywood blockbuster. It is also almost 5 hours long and all in Portuguese, but I’m a sucker for a convoluted love story and some pretty dresses. In all honesty, I don’t remember much about the film or if Lisbon played a starring role, but what stuck with me was this romantic notion of Lisbon as an opulent and seductive location.

This memory set the bar pretty high for Lisbon and it did not disappoint. From the first moment we ventured into the mild winter’s evening I couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of the cobbled streets filled with beautifully tiled buildings on one side contrasted with its run down counterparts on the other. These sights confirm that Portugal is no longer the wealthy empire it once was but it is still rich in culture and of course, delicious food!

Here’s my food tour of Lisbon’s edible delights… 

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Eating Abroad Europe France

Aix-en-Provence – A Weekend Getaway

December 16, 2014

We left a chilly London with high hopes of being embraced by the warmth of southern France in Aix-en-Provence, but what we were actually greeted with could not have been further from this fantasy. Our first glimpse of Aix was a wet one; a rare day for the usually perpetually sunny university hub but once the downpour cleared, the town of pretty streets and endless fountains did not disappoint. Widely known as the home of Cezanne, it draws a lot of tourists for this alone, but even if you’re not an art buff, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied during a weekend getaway…

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