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Seattle, WA

November 22, 2013

We arrived in Seattle after a surprisingly scenic bus ride which involved a border crossing far more relaxed than airport security- let’s just say that I didn’t have to worry about whether I was wearing my good socks and customs was more of a chat than an interrogation. All in all, a pretty relaxed introduction to the city.

I really had no expectations of Seattle as most of the things I associated with the city came from pop culture, for example:

  • It’s the home of Grey’s Anatomy- yet I did not catch a glimpse of McDreamy nor was I mistaken for Cristina Yang.
  • The show is also always showing shots of a tower resembling Auckland’s Skytower- theirs is called the Space Needle.
  • There’s a movie called Sleepless in Seattle which actually is more about New York… would you agree?
  • It’s where the first Starbucks opened and apparently there is one on almost every corner… I can now verify that this is probably true.
  • A season of Top Chef I recently watched was filmed in Seattle.

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