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A Bit Fancy Eating Out

Dinner at The Ritz, Piccadilly

December 15, 2016

Getting dressed for a dinner date when you have no idea where you’re going can be a little tricky, am I right, ladies? I hate being overdressed or underdressed, but will err on the side of over if necessary. I like to consider my shoe options depending on the distance we will need to travel on foot, and my bag options depending on how long I’ll need to carry it for. I don’t really care for putting slap on my face, but I do put some effort into what I wear, even if it’s often done in haste.

So with twenty minutes to spare, the novelty of surprise wore off, the suspense was killing me, and I finally asked a certain someone for a hint as to where we were dining that night. Next thing I knew, Fred Astaire was belting out ‘Puttin’ On the Ritz’ from our front room and I just had to double check I had got the right end of the stick. Mistakingly thinking you’re being swept off to The Ritz when you’re actually going… well, anywhere else… is a disappointment I wouldn’t even wish upon my most treasured arch nemesis. But I wasn’t mistaken; it was a dress and heels kinda night…

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