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November 25, 2015

If your work place is anything like mine, you’ll be knee deep into that awful point of the year where everything is winding up, up, up before it begins to wind down for the silly season. I’m leaving the house around 730am and getting home after 730pm, though it feels a lot later given daylight ends at 4ish! I know a lot of people are working a lot longer and later, so I count myself lucky, but I am still absolutely knackered by the time I get home. And usually very hungry, which soon becomes very hangry.

For roughly two thirds of the week, hell is not breaking loose from my hangry moods… we’re either eating out or a certain someone is on dinner duty, but as we share the cooking, there is still that third of the week where I must don the apron and whip something up. Not usually an issue because you all know I love to cook, but at the moment that enthusiasm is nowhere to be found after a day of slogging it out in the office. I don’t seem to have many quick meals in my repertoire so I could turn to the takeaways or better yet, use the delivery option… Tempting but that combined with my current less than active lifestyle is not going to end well!

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