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A Bit Casual Eating Out London

Counter, Vauxhall

September 29, 2015

Has anyone else noticed that restaurants around major train stations are usually duds? My completely unoriginal theory is that the guaranteed high footfall drives the rents up and only the big bad chains can afford to open up in those sites. Like many a weary commuter, I’ve had to succumb to their monotonous menus and eat their average food but only after I’ve checked that the WH Smith has run out of edible sandwiches, and I’m at the point where neither a bag of crisps nor a chocolate bar will carry me through. Once the hunger is gone, the seeds of regret start forming and my default position is confirmed once again; restaurants within a five minute walk from these busy train stations should be avoided. I will exercise better willpower next time, I think to myself.

So now that I’ve got that off my chest, you can probably guess what was going through my mind one Friday evening when I was figuring out how to get from the office to Counter in Vauxhall and Google maps told me it is right by the train station. Less than a five minute walk from the station, more like one. Sceptical? Yes. Intrigued? Yes. Pleasantly surprised? Also yes.

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Eating Abroad New Zealand

Christchurch to Auckland, a Food Tour

September 27, 2013

I’ve been doing quite the tiki tour around the country over the last month and contrary to common belief, it’s not glamorous, it’s tiring. There have been lots of 530am wake up calls, delayed flights, cancelled flights, diverted flights, and just plain old turbulence. The silver linings have been meeting up with friends who happen to be in the neighbourhood and of course, doing a bit of wining and dining.

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