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America Eating Abroad

Washington DC to Richmond, VA

September 28, 2014

What do I remember most about Washington DC? You might think it was peering through the gates at the White House or squinting against the sun to take in the Washington Monument… you’d be wrong, it was the cold. Oh-so-cold. Traipsing through inches of thick snow in some places, taking measured steps in other stretches to avoid slipping on the ice, there were many, many moments where I was wondering why we were outside and not just huddling by a fire somewhere sipping mulled wine.

Layered up in every thermal I packed, wrapped up in the scarf, beanie, and gloves I honestly felt like an arctic explorer heading towards the north pole when in actual fact we were trekking along the National Mall towards the Lincoln Memorial. About halfway, I almost had enough but I am glad we kept going- not many tourists can say they have looked out across the Mall and not seen anyone. Lincoln was overwhelming, though I could have also been silenced by the fact I was half frozen. I would have taken some snaps but my iPhone had given up by then…

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Canada Eating Abroad

Toronto, ON

June 1, 2014

After 17 days without cellphone contact, internet access, and pretty much any news from the outside world, it was time to leave Cuba. These technological comforts are available for those really desperate but after finding out the high cost and low quality, we decided to just cut ties with our gadgets. Travel was arranged the old fashioned way- we purchased our bus tickets from the stations a couple of days earlier, rooms were booked through word of mouth and trust… there was absolutely no price comparison or Tripadvisor reviews to consult. In many ways, it was easier, even liberating to just hope for the best and deal with whatever hand you get dealt! Generally, it’s a pretty decent hand considering what you’re paying.

But my sense of nostalgia was starting to fade, 17 days of disconnect was my upper limit. It was time to check those emails, send that ‘we’re alive text’ to the mums, and catch up on the Facebook gossip! Unfortunately, all this came along with a severe change of climate- flying into Toronto we were greeted by snow and the sharp drop to near freezing temperatures. I was no longer watching my step to avoid the endless dog poop (it seems Mexicans and Cubans aren’t big pooper scoopers) but now making sure I wasn’t going to slip on the icy pavements. Oh joy.

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