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Seville – A Tapas Food Tour

June 29, 2017

I was never in doubt that I would instantly warm to Seville, but the fact that it was actually warm in December and January made me fall for it even more. Those heading there in the height of summer best be prepared for some serious siesta time as the temperatures can soar into the 40s, so I would suggest that if you can, save your Seville sojourn  for autumn or winter. At this time of year, the famous Seville orange trees are still laden with fruit, and while the mornings and evenings are a little chilly, the afternoons are often bathed in sunshine – perfect for sightseeing and tapas bar hopping!

However, weather warnings aside, I would whole-heartedly encourage everyone to visit Seville, whenever they can because the city is quite a looker and brimming with a sparkling personality. The city’s star attractions do not disappoint; the Cathedral is rather breath-taking, Plaza Espana is as grand as they come, the Real Alcazar is probably one of the most stunning sites I’ve visited to date, and even the divisive Metropol Parasol has a certain charm and appeal.

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Eating Abroad Featured Spain

Abantal Restaurante, Seville – A Fancy Spanish Feast

February 21, 2017

I think I was around twenty when I first heard of the Michelin Guide and decided that sometime in my future, somewhere along my travels, I would experience a Michelin star meal. Just once would do. At the ripe old age of twenty-seven, I had that first experience. What I didn’t know at the time was that there would be more to follow; lucky lady, eh? Many, including myself, would say that the Michelin guide is just that, a guide. It’s just another list of recommendations so definitely not the be all and end all of restaurants, but I do think it provides a fairly solid benchmark of quality. We’ve had one experience that we didn’t think was quite up to scratch, another couple which were so-so but overall, they’ve been worthy of the recognition.

Now, at the riper, older age of thirty, my current count of Michelin star meals is twenty-three – I’ve comfortably exceeded my goals by a smidge, don’t you think?! Our latest one was in celebration of my  big 3-0; until I get the call up to be a Michelin inspector or have no cares in the world about my finances, these meals will still be reserved for special occasions only. I toasted to the end of my twenties and welcomed by thirties in beautiful Seville with some of my nearest and dearest friends, and we ended the day at the city’s only star adorned restaurant – Abantal.

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Eating Abroad Spain

Tastes, Tapas & Traditions Tour with Devour Seville

January 31, 2017

A certain someone and I are DIY-type travellers. We book all our flights and hotels, we stumble on sights unassisted, we manage to eat quite well on our own; why would we need someone to guide us along? The thought of joining a tour has always filled us with dread and distain because we’re not fans of organised fun and we hate following people. We like to wing it and do our own thing, winging it has worked out well for us so far but recently I’ve come round to the idea that there is a time and a place for certain tours…

We still won’t be going on package holidays or shuffling behind a person with a flag for days on end, but a few hours we can handle. If we hadn’t joined a walking tour in Sofia, we wouldn’t have learnt anything about Bulgarian history and without the wine tour in Bordeaux, I wouldn’t have set foot in any of the gorgeous chateaus. With these enjoyable experiences in mind, we decided to take a chance on a food tour and book the Tastes, Tapas and Traditions Tour with Devour Seville.

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