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America Eating Abroad

San Francisco, CA

November 26, 2013

Do a quick google and you’ll see that San Francisco has inspired probably over 100 songs- and why the heck not? After spending a couple of days there, I could find a few good things to sing about too… we both agreed it was a city we would happily live in (if the American healthcare system and a few other things improved). I daydreamed about living in one of the charming terrace houses in the leafy downtown suburbs, wining and dining in the Mission District, shopping in the glitzy stores of Union Square, walking my dog (a prerequisite here it seems) in the Golden Gate Park or Presidio, and hitting the beach in the summer. Dreams are free eh?

But what did we actually do when I wasn’t daydreaming…

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Eating Abroad New Zealand

Plane food, Premium Economy

November 13, 2013

Everyone seated in Premium Economy (and even more so, Business Premier) on the Air New Zealand website looks wonderfully relaxed and glamorous- smiling away with a glass of something in hand as they lean back in their large, cushy seats. I’m smart enough to know that this is only an ad but some part of me was hoping that it wasn’t all a rouse… especially when it costs about double what normal cattle class costs- we’re talking around NZ$2,000 one way.

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