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Ginza Onodera, St James’s – A High-End Japanese Evening

April 4, 2017

Aside from having the good fortune (or misfortune, depending on your perspective of family pecking orders) of being the first-born in my family, I’m rarely the first at anything else. I don’t even consider myself to be part of the competition in any sporting endeavours, let alone there being the possibility of coming first. Even in things that I could potentially have a chance at winning (random quizzes, debates, Connect 4 challenges) I think I lack that cut-throat competitive edge to really excel. So can you imagine my surprise when I came first at something, without even trying.

There we were, sitting at the bar in Ginza Onodera, studiously reviewing the cocktail list when I casually commented to the bartender that it sounded like they were still putting the furniture together downstairs. The sound of drilling and plastic sheets rustling around will do that. Turns out that yes, the finishing touches to the dining room were being made and we were in fact, the first people through their newly refurbished doors. Fancy that, me, first in a restaurant… I think I can officially call myself one of the obsessive London food set! I did suspect it as being a bit of friendly bartender banter until I stepped into the vast, very much on the swish side, and absolutely pristine dining room. Yep, I’ll take first place this time.

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