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A Bit Casual Eating Out London

Obica, Soho & Luxardo Cocktails, New Season Feast

July 30, 2015

It dawned on me the other day that I am an avid consumer of tomatoes. In our house they’re a salad staple (a certain someone even made a multi-coloured tomato-only salad the other day), I obsessively stockpile the tinned ones because you never know when you’ll need to rustle up the go-to pasta dish, and I’ve been known to squirt T-sauce on a lot of things. This epiphany came to me as I was sitting in the dimly lit downstairs dining room of Obica, listening to someone talk about tomatoes and actually getting excited. Hand on my heart, I don’t even care how lame that made me sound because these tomatoes are worth that cringey look you’re giving me now.

Every month Obica select a slow food product to showcase, this month (and next actually, probably because they’re so good) tomatoes are in the spotlight. Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes, to be exact, which are grown organically in Mount Vesuvius National Park. That makes them sound just that little bit fancy doesn’t it? Obica combined the tomatoes with their Italian partners in crime, mozzarella and salami, then invited Luxardo to the party to mix up some cocktails; the result?! A very happy tomato lover in the room.

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