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Sausage Plait – Recipe

March 20, 2015

Sausage rolls are like the Alison Holst or Mary Berry of the edible world. Loved by all ages and welcomed with open arms at any occasion, they rebel against food trends and have stood the test of time. I don’t think there has ever been a time I didn’t love a bit of sausage roll- they were always one of my favourites at birthday parties when I was a kid, and now I still make a beeline for them at the office morning tea.

A couple of months ago, on a rather uneventful afternoon I suddenly had a craving for a sausage roll. It had been a while since we were last acquainted (are they not standard fare at the English office morning tea?) and I just wanted to sink my teeth into some porky pastry comfort. I decided to make my own because, how hard can it be? As it turns out, not very, so I thought I would give the old girl a bit of a makeover and voila, how good does she look now?

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A Bit Casual Eating Out London

M1lk, Balham

December 6, 2014

I’ve heard all about the brunch service at M1lk– I’ve heard about the great coffee, quirky twists on classic dishes, and the legendary line that spills down the street. This all made me very curious and so on a lazy London Sunday, a certain someone and I made the short trip to Balham to quell my curiosity. From that excursion I can only confirm that the ridiculously long line spiralling down Hildreth Street is not stuff of legend, it most definitely exists and is fairly slow moving. So as people who don’t share the English’s love of queuing, we decided to give it a miss and I was still left wondering. That is until earlier this week when I had the good fortune to meet a friend for lunch, in Balham, on a weekday- what are the odds?!

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