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Taste of London 2015

June 25, 2015

Another year, another five days of London’s foodies flocking to Regent’s Park to overindulge in their favourite past-time of wining and dining. Naturally, we were right at home at Taste of London. And we’ve been before so we knew the drill… over thirty of London’s top restaurants dishing up small plates of their finest food, over 200 exhibitors plying you with samples of their delectable goods, and a myriad of cooking demonstrations, masterclasses and entertainment! You can go in the afternoon or evening, (or both as I’m sure some greedy guts did), where each session gives you about four hours to stuff yourself silly with anything from sliders to ceviches, as well as all those little tasters from well known food companies and artisan producers.

Between bites, cooking skills could be sharpened at the AEG Taste Theatre where chefs such as Scott Hallsworth of Kurobuta or Thomasina Miers of Wahaca showed off some of their techniques or you could even stop into the Wild Kitchen and Mr Vine Wine Kitchen. Foodies who wanted to get their hands dirty could do so at the AEG Let’s Taste Live Cooking experience, learning how to whip up wontons and ribs with School of Wok, while those of us lazy gluttons just continued grazing, stopping every now and then for some music at the Bandstand, a spot of petanque at the Baranis Bar, or just continued weaving around the event to walk off some calories and make room for more!

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Eating Out Events/Classes London

Auction Against Hunger 2015

May 29, 2015

If you’ve been following along, you would have realised by now that I love food; if you’re new then perhaps the name of this blog gave me away? I like to consume food and consume a lot of it I do. With the ever growing number of restaurants in London, it’s impossible to stop… yes, I blame this city, not my insatiable hunger or anything like that. However, as is the case with most vices, there is a far less glamorous downside. In this case, it’s the way our eating habits seem to suck the life out of our bank account.

The reality is we regularly spend £100ish on a meal for two, this still makes me shudder when I randomly do the naughty expat thing of converting it back to Kiwi cash, but in the London bubble that’s probably the norm for many people. Thankfully, more often than not, this gets us top notch nosh otherwise I think a certain someone would have given me a stern talking to by now… but rarely does it also help provide someone else in the world a much needed meal. 

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