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Hotel Chocolat Tasting Experience on the London Eye

February 14, 2017

Today marks three years since I arrived in London with my suitcase in one hand and a certain someone in the other. In that time I’ve fully embraced the challenge to explore London’s restaurant scene, but London itself? I haven’t attacked that with as much zeal. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve visited no more than a handful of the many museums and galleries, and I don’t snoop around new neighbourhoods as often as I would like to. I put it down to the ‘it’ll still be there next week’ mentality; the landmarks and attractions aren’t going anywhere, whereas that quirky pop up will be gone in a flash, which explains my prioritisation logic!

However this year, that logic is going out the window because while the landmarks and attractions might remain in London forever and a day, I might not. We have no concrete plans but I have a feeling we might only have another year or so in this fine city and as a result, it’s time I started playing tourist a little more. The first attraction I’m ticking off the list? The London Eye. It’s on almost every tourist’s London bucket list but I’ll confess, it never really tickled my fancy because the queues are always huge and knowing my luck, I’d end up riding it on a particularly grey day. So I just never bothered.

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