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Grub Crawl, Brixton Market

November 17, 2015

Right now, the thought of going on a pub crawl is about as appealing as a slap in the face with a wet fish. I’ll leave the traipsing from one crowded pub to another, the elbowing up to the bar, and the awkward huddling by the only ledge space available to the enthusiastic first years, this grandma has developed more sophisticated drinking habits now. Basically, I want to sit down while I’m downing my pint, and I also can’t cope with those pub crawl hangovers. I’m old.

So crawling for booze is no longer an activity I’ll engage in but would I do it for food? This was a question I faced recently… Three courses at three different outlets, but luckily all under one roof, so I’d have to be really lazy to refuse! Pub crawls are so ten years ago, these days I am all about the Grub Crawl; my first ever experience was through Brixton Market and led by fellow foodie Hannah. Onwards to the first stop…

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