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Casse Croûte, Bermondsey – A Slice of France

September 12, 2017

London-dwellers, if  you are ever in need of a reminder that French cuisine is not just about fine dining frou frou, then a visit to Casse Croûte will sort you out. One minute you’ll be standing in a busy but ordinary street in Bermondsey and moments later you’ll be transported to a bistro somewhere in France. There’s a special place in my head and heart for all the finicky techniques and unpronounceable sauces of French haute cuisine, but there’s nothing more comforting and soul-soothing than rustic French fare. Casse Croûte is dripping in quaintness and kitsch; with all the red and white chequered tablecloths, knick knacks cluttering the shelves, and vintage signs adorning the walls, I should be describing it as a tad tacky. But instead I find myself grinning from ear to ear at the sight of it and telling everyone I know that it’s positively charming.

Of course it helps that the food is remarkably good. Looking the part will only get a restaurant so far, it has to taste the part too and every mouthful here had that ‘ooh la la’ factor. That’s my French for ‘my goodness, that was good…’, by the way. Like all the good French bistros, the menu at Casse Croûte is sparse if you like options, or wonderfully succinct if you’re a menu ditherer like me. Three starters, three mains, and three desserts – the offering changes daily and is written only in French in the big blackboard in the centre of the dining room. If your high school French is a little rusty or you’re a bit slow on the Google translate, you needn’t worry because the bubbly front of house staff are always on hand to translate…

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