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A Bit Smarter Eating Out London

Alexandrie, Kensington

October 6, 2016

When you moonlight as a semi-professional diner, a key part of the job is finding new places to wine and dine at. As much as I would love to tell you about my favourite chilli cheeseburger over and over again, I have a feeling you’d get bored of me praising the plumpness of its patty or the gooeyness of its cheese. So there you go dear reader, everything I do… I do it for you…

Not that it’s too much of a chore for me. A certain someone and I are always curious to try something new – be it new in London, or simply new to us. We could visit a new Japanese restaurant everyday and I’d be happy… but I think the best kind of new, are the cuisines we’ve never tried before. I ventured into Bengali territory recently, but our latest discovery? Drum roll please… Alexandrie, a restaurant in Kensington serving Alexandrian cuisine.

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