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Travel Talk

Travel Personality – Play it Cool or Plan it to Death?

July 4, 2015

When it comes to travel planning, we are definitely in the ‘play it cool’ category. There are pats on the back all round if we’ve booked flights a month before we leave, got accommodation lined up a few weeks before arriving and put together a general plan to get from the airport to the hotel. Obviously we pack our bags on the morning of departure, why bother doing it any earlier?

At the airport we are those cool kids who board the plane last, at the other end we are always swift to alight with only our small backpacks in hand. Once at our destination we are armed with little more than a map and a vague idea of the main attractions. We alternate between days of pounding the pavements until our feet ache, taking in whatever sights we happen upon, or casually whittling away the hours simply soaking in the atmosphere. Often these hours will be spent baking on the beach or people watching in the town square with a glass of wine in hand; basically living the life!

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Eating Abroad New Zealand

WBC Restaurant, Victoria Street

October 9, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we went to NZ Opera’s The Flying Dutchman. Neither of us are opera aficionados or those snobby culture vultures but we’re always game for something a bit different. So straight after work, I rushed home to don those glad rags and voila- 30mins later- we were off!

We needed an early dinner so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to cross WBC Restaurant off the short list. It annoyingly doesn’t take bookings (yes, another one of those) and still riding on the coat tails of hype so is always busy. Well, at 6pm sharp on a Thursday night, we were in luck. Apparently from the same people who brought us Capitol, it has been well publicised for having a menu that gets tweaked each day based on what’s ‘fresh’ and available. This seems to be the in thing right now and leaves me rather torn. On the one hand I think- great, using less conventional cuts and what’s on hand seems more sustainable and cost effective? On the other hand… you’re charging me how much (!) for those lambs brains? Hmm.

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