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A Bit Smarter Eating Out London

Cocktail Masterclass at Mint Leaf, Haymarket

August 4, 2015

Once upon a time I was a fresh faced seventeen year old pondering what on earth I was going to do for the rest of my life. The grown ups will tell you that ‘the world is your oyster’ but in the very next breath go on to rattle off a list of their ‘approved careers’ which will give you what they consider stability and status. Common inclusions in such lists: lawyer, doctor, accountant, engineer… all options I was given, all admirable professions many of my friends engage in now.

But what didn’t make the list? I went to a fairly traditional girls’ school and despite the ‘girls can do anything’ mantra, encouragement into trades were unheard of and anything in hospitality was somewhat frowned upon. Now, a bit over ten years later, I have no doubt that those traditional professions will still be encouraged but I wonder if careers in the food and drink industry have gained a higher status these days given society’s gastronomic obsession. I certainly hope so because I truly believe it’s a highly competitive industry which requires just as much ambition and dedication if you want to be at the top of this food chain.

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