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Winter Street Food Tour with Streaty Palermo, Sicily

November 7, 2017

If the streets of Palermo could talk, I am sure they would have some epic tales to tell. Sicily’s capital has endured more than its fair share of conquerers, rulers, and passer-bys, each bringing a dose of prosperity and turmoil to these shores as they came and went. What they left behind was an intriguing jumble of cultures and styles, layered on top of each other to create one which you could say is what makes Palermo so unique. This is quite evident in the city’s architecture where Norman facades give way to Byzantine mosaics, which are in turn housed under the Arab domes and arches, but it has also left its mark quite strongly on the cuisine.

While I am fond of getting lost in the warrens of an old city, what I love even more is to discover edible gems down the narrow alley ways and street corners which only the locals know about. Rumour had it that here in Palermo there were plenty such gems, all we needed was that local. Accosting strangers in the street didn’t seem wise, so we booked ourselves onto a street food tour with Streaty Palermo. Meandering through the streets with Marco, our exuberant born and bred Palermitan guide, was definitely the best way of getting a taste of the city.

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