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Emirates Business Class – A Long Haul Flight Review

July 11, 2017

I’ve always considered air travel to be a luxury. The fact that we can fly across lands and oceans and find ourselves in a different country or continent within hours (ok, sometimes days for those of us flying home to NZ) will never cease to amaze me. Having the privilege of flying so frequently and easily is a luxury I don’t take for granted, but never had I flown in such luxury until I experienced Business Class with Emirates. It’s something I’ve always wanted to treat myself to but could never justify the price, or was never crafty enough to manipulate any loyalty programmes to help pay for it, so when Emirates gave us the option to upgrade for a fraction of the usual price, it was a deal we couldn’t turn down.

Even though we’re seasoned fliers, we’ve recently been spoilt with the short flight times across Europe and as a result, the thought of sitting on a plane for around ten hours at a time now fills us with a sense of dread. My bum goes numb at the thought of all that seat shuffling, my stomach turns a little with every flashback to those horrendous inflight meals, and there’s that waiting game to find out who you’ll have the pleasure of shuffling and snoring, I mean, sitting next to… Travelling with a partner has somewhat reduced that last anxiety, and now, travelling in Business Class has done the same for the first two. Here’s what we thought…

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America Eating Abroad

Jackson, MI to Dallas TX

February 5, 2014

Leaving New Orleans, the first leg of our adventure was almost over… in the next couple of days all we had to do was a load of laundry, some Christmas shopping, and get to Dallas for our flight to Mexico City! With some time up our sleeves, we decided to stop into Jackson; it was on the way and there’s a Johnny Cash song about it- must be good. So with Johnny singing away in the background we rolled into town… only to find what felt like a scene out of those end-of-the-world apocalypse movies.

Some grand old buildings, a couple of pretty green spaces, and a handful of parked cars but where were the people?! We walked around for about half an hour hoping to stumble upon some life, with very little success. Turns out, downtown Jackson has been in decline for some time, though from some googling and the local rag, it seems the good folks of the town are trying to turn that around. Good luck to them- they’ll need it.

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