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A Bit Casual Eating Out

The Mayfair Chippy, Mayfair – A Spot for Posh Fish & Chips

October 27, 2017

Did I really think I could escape the UK without setting foot into a British chippy? Quite naively, yes. Some locals say it is a rite of passage if you choose to set up home here, while many tourists have it firmly on their British bucket-list, but me? I would happily trade that spot on my bucket-list for more time at that other British institution, the pub. With less than two months left in the country, I was smugly certain I had dodged a greasy bullet, but some of my darling blogger friends had other ideas. The Brit half of our bunch had a couple of points to prove to the Kiwis, and they chose the charming Mayfair Chippy as the place to do it!

All the die hard chippy fans out there will probably be tutting in despair and wagging their fingers with distain, adamant that the Mayfair Chippy is too posh to be considered a real chippy. However, as someone who doesn’t want to leave the shop smelling like they’ve just been dunked in the fryer themselves, a bit of posh suits me just fine. And besides, we had bigger fish to fry… (that terrible pun was most definitely intended). The challenge was to convince one Kiwi that chips were worth the calories and the other that British fish and chips were not only good, but perhaps even better than their New Zealand counterparts. Tall order indeed.

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A Bit Smarter Eating Out London

The Selkirk Supper Club, Tooting

June 10, 2015

My drinking habits have certainly changed over the years. Back when I was a bright, young thing recently let (legally) loose on the town, my drink of choice was vodka. That blissfully tasteless spirit was well masked by lemonade with a squeeze of lime, or red bull for the nights we were dancing well into the wee hours of the morning. Wine was strictly cheap, white and to be guzzled at BYOs and beer was always a last resort. By the start of my working woman days, I had graduated to ciders in the afternoon, cocktails in the evening, however the wine guzzling at BYOs was still very much a thing.

Now that I’m a fully fledged adult, quit your sniggering, my main alcoholic squeeze is wine. Though I’m not adult enough to ditch the cheap and white completely, I have expanded the range considerably and a glass of wine with my meal is now the norm. And just when I thought my drinking evolution was complete, I recently discovered a fondness for dark beers such as stouts and porters. My 19 year old self did not see this coming. But rest assured, younger me, they haven’t knocked wine off the top spot in my affections, though that love was tested a few times at The Selkirk’s Beer v Wine Supper Club.

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