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Taste of London 2014

June 21, 2014

With the tagline- World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival, I had high hopes. Did Taste of London live up to those? Quite simply, yes. With its mix of mini restaurants, food stalls, and bars, whittling away the evening was really as easy as a walk in the park.

For five days a corner of Regent’s Park has been turned into a foodie wonderland, with over 200 exhibitors showing off their gastronomical delights and 41 restaurants creating pop ups serving up their signature dishes. The event has been running for 11 years with thousands of people crossing those gates so they must be doing something right. I’d heard great praise for the event from friends who had been in previous years so was looking forward to my first Taste of London experience. But to be honest, I didn’t take much convincing, it sounded like a perfect combination of two events I loved in Wellington- the Food Show and of course, Wellington on a Plate, all condensed into several hours.

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