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Love Food Hate Waste’s Meaty Issues Campaign Launch

March 1, 2016

Last week I found out a very shocking statistic; one which rendered me quite speechless and a little sad to be honest. As I think is blatantly obvious from the content of my ramblings here, on social media, and in real life… I really like food and it’s something I care a lot about. I care about what I eat, how it’s made, where it comes from, and I also care about making sure I waste as little of it as possible.

At the launch of Love Food Hate Waste’s latest campaign, Meaty Issues, I was told that a lot of us in the UK are throwing away a lot of food. A heck of a lot… like 300 million burgers worth of beef alone. Oh those poor, poor burgers. Just looking at beef alone, we throw away 34,000 tonnes a year – are you shocked? I suspected the number to be high but not in a million years would I have contemplated it being that high; I shudder to think about the total amount of food we waste.

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Eating Abroad England Europe

Vennell’s, Masham in Yorkshire

October 13, 2015

This week when my alarm clock went off there was no sunlight streaming through the crack in the curtains, putting on the 50 deniers was a no brainer, and there was an unmistakeable autumn chill in the air as I walked out the door. This, I told my sun-loving-self was the final nail in the coffin for summer and winter, my least favourite season of them all, is on its way. Sigh. Followed by a little shiver, and then another sigh. Goodbye summer.

This is also about the time everyone chips in their two cents worth about what an average summer it’s been, but as we’ve spent the whole season confined to this island, I can say with some authority that this great British summer hasn’t been all that bad. While our friends were road tripping in Albania, checking out the pyramids in the smouldering desert heat or even downing drinks on Moscow’s rooftop bars, we enjoyed picnics in Clapham Common, sunny afternoon beersies in our backyard, and a much needed escape to the countryside.

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Eating In Savoury

Pies, Pies, Pies – Recipe

September 5, 2013

I once had an argument with my flatmate that everything would taste better with pastry. Naturally there are exceptions, not that I would have admitted it at the time, but I still stand by that claim. I think I’ve always loved pastry goods in one form or another. When I was younger I went through a phase of really loving apple turnovers and custard squares… then it was (and still is) the custard fruit tart or berry danish phase… I’ve always loved mum’s curry puffs and quiches… and I’m quite partial to the sausage rolls or vege tart things they always provide at catered lunches… so my current love? Pies.

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Eating Abroad New Zealand

The Larder, Miramar

August 29, 2013

Wide roads, pavements illuminated only by the street lamps, and teenagers traveling in packs… yep, we were definitely in the burbs! If this were back in my teen days, I’d probably be heading to some house party with a four pack of smirnoff and a plan to knock back the drinks then hit the town. These days, we’re roaming the mean streets of Miramar in search of good food at The Larder.

My last Larder visit was for last year’s WOAP burger- lambs brains in a bun; an acquired taste I think, but still well worth trying. This time we ordered a few tamer dishes- seafood, pasta, and steak. The food here looks good, everything is elegant and you can tell it’s been thoughtfully placed right there. But as we all know, looks are never enough… there comes a point when staring at your hot date becomes rude and plain boring. Luckily, the food here came through- beauty and brains- hurrah!

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