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Great Ocean Road – A Three-Day Road Trip Guide

March 8, 2018
Great Ocean Road 3 Day Guide

Each of our road trips start with either blasting out or belting out (depending on whether we’ve been fortunate enough to get the iPod connected or not) a song called Never Tire of the Road by Andy Irvine. I had never heard of the song or singer before I met a certain someone but now it’s sort of become our road trip thing… and one which never seemed more appropriate than when we were speeding out of Melbourne towards the Great Ocean Road. Mr Irvine melodically proclaims that he will “never tire of the road… never tire of the rolling wheels, never tire of the ways of the world, way out yonder is calling me…”, and we always enthusiastically sing along in agreement. Because it’s true: I don’t think we will ever tire of jumping in the car, driving somewhere new, and seeing what we can see!

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most famous road trips, with people travelling far and wide to get a glimpse of Victoria’s rugged coastline, expansive forests and friendly villages. The region has a lot to offer, making it the perfect destination for families, couples, and friends alike, and for those with or without the luxury of time on their hands. We gave ourselves three days for the round trip from Melbourne to cover just the main sights along the coastline; I’ve heard of people doing it in just one or two days but that seemed far too rushed… with three days we were able to see everything we wanted to and do it at a leisurely pace! If you’re looking for some inspiration to take your own Great Ocean Road adventure, perhaps you’d like to follow our route…

Great Ocean Road 3 Day Guide

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Melbourne – A Food-Lovers City Break

March 5, 2018
Melbourne Food Lovers City Break Guide Kappo

We may have arrived in Melbourne late into the night, but from the very first moment I saw its dazzling city lights, I was smitten. Often described as a grown up version of our hometown Wellington, and being just as varied but more laid back than London, it was no surprise that I felt completely at home in Australia’s second largest city. It is stylish, filled with culture, and has everything a food-obsessed traveller such as myself could want! I used to dismiss all those reports calling it one of the most liveable cities in the world as skewed promotion, but frankly I’m now a convert and it’s on the list as a possible future home for a certain someone and I.

With only a couple of days in the city, we decided to leave the suburbs for our next visit and mostly stick within the grid of the CBD. Not that this was in any way limiting. Visits to the National Gallery of Victoria, Botanic Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance, walks along the Yarra River and a spot of shopping was more than enough to hold our interests. There was also plenty to sate our appetites; we only tried but a slither of Melbourne’s eateries but from what I tasted, I was impressed. It reminded me a lot of London’s food scene where the whole world is at your fingertips, there’s something to cater for every budget, and great places spread all over the city. We pretended to be Melbournians and brunched with the best of them, wandered around the city, then checked out some of the wide range of cuisines on offer…

Melbourne Food Lovers City Break Guide

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A Bit Smarter Eating Out London

Shaun Presland at Carousel, Marylebone

September 23, 2015

Those silly relationship self help books will say it’s unhealthy to be jealous of your partner but I can’t help it, certain things make me very jealous of a certain someone. We all have our crosses to bear so this might as well be mine. I’m jealous of his commute to work, from the bedroom to the home-office in under a minute, and that includes the getting dressed time. It irks me that since taking up the role as Connie Consumes’ Official Dining Companion he’s suffered none of the perils that come with the territory, in fact, he claims to have lost weight while I have definitely suffered the opposite fate. Jealous. Don’t get me started on those eyelashes.

And last but certainly not least, I’m completely, utterly, painstakingly jealous of the fact he’s already been to my dream food-travel destination: Japan. Everything about the cuisine and traditions of Japan entice me and… a certain someone has already been there… without me. The green eyed monster rages. Except he hasn’t really experienced Japan, not in the way I hope we will soon. You see, a certain someone went years ago for the football World Cup, so I don’t think the sights were high on his priority list and the food definitely wasn’t. Japan didn’t make him fall in love with Japanese food, I did.

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