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Auckland – A Food Tour

February 12, 2018

I risk losing my Wellingtonian status if I say this too loudly, so I’ll just whisper it ever so quickly, through gritted teeth, here in my little corner of the internet: I think Auckland has a better restaurant scene than Wellington. Many in the windy capital would consider that statement a serious act of treason because Wellington has always proudly proclaimed to be the culinary capital of the country but right now, I’m not so sure. The rivalry between the two cities means there will always be a battle about who is the best in anything, but after spending some more time in Auckland recently, I think it is definitely inching out in front when it comes to the food scene. It feels more vibrant, more eclectic… just more of everything!

Aucklanders are seriously spoilt for choice; cheap and cheerful, casual and cool, fancy fine dining and everything in between… you name it, they have it. And it’s not just found in the centre of town either. It goes without saying that areas like Auckland Central and Britomart are bursting at the seams with trendy eateries, but there are clusters of culinary genius in suburbs all over the place. Some are well established, others are just developing as the communities change and grow… this is what makes it so exciting! Our short visit was not supposed to be about food, I had done no research and made no plans, but somehow we still managed to eat extremely well. This is by no means a definitive list, or even a very thorough one at that… just a collection of places that impressed us on our recent visit!

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Eating Abroad New Zealand

Fog Disruptions, Wellington

November 9, 2013

Our big adventure was supposed to begin on Friday at 530pm… the tickets have been booked for months, the upgrade secured and the preferred seats paid for. But, like thousands of other travellers, our best laid plans were disrupted by stubborn fog with what seemed like a particular fondness for Wellington airport. After a couple of hours of waiting, a couple more hours on the phone with Air New Zealand, we managed to rebook our flights- with no direct flight to Vancouver until Sunday so we took the next best option- San Francisco then Vancouver on Saturday night. My heart sunk.

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Eating Abroad New Zealand

Christchurch to Auckland, a Food Tour

September 27, 2013

I’ve been doing quite the tiki tour around the country over the last month and contrary to common belief, it’s not glamorous, it’s tiring. There have been lots of 530am wake up calls, delayed flights, cancelled flights, diverted flights, and just plain old turbulence. The silver linings have been meeting up with friends who happen to be in the neighbourhood and of course, doing a bit of wining and dining.

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