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A Bit Casual Eating Out

Yuu Kitchen, Aldgate

December 13, 2016

A certain someone often asks me if I would ever start up my own food venture. The man poses a valid question; I spend so much of my time consuming food and consumed in the food industry that it would seem logical to have a career in something I truly love. Sometimes, at my most cynical, I think it’s probably a luxury. But other times, like when I’m perched up at the bar in the newly opened Yuu Kitchen, I think, why the hell not?

There are a steady stream of diners coming through the front door, all greeted by enthusiastic staff and even more exuberant art work plastered across the walls. The manga-style characters are what we’d call an acquired taste, but we like the uniqueness of it. Looking around, I spot many tell-tale signs of satisfaction; lots of nodding and smiling, lots of chatter, lots of dishes flying out of the kitchen. I would be chuffed to call a restaurant like this, my own.

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