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Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia – A Luxury Getaway

January 17, 2017

All my past Malaysian holidays featured food, family, and shopping; arguably the holy trinity of all things Malaysian. I knew there was a lot more to see and do than traipse round the cities ticking dishes off my must-eat list with countless shopping bags in tow but I’m a city person, my family are city people. We didn’t grow up running through the hills or lolloping in the waves in New Zealand so there was no chance we were doing that on our precious trips back to Malaysia. However as this city-slicker grows older, lazier, and more discerning, a dash of relaxation (with a side of luxury where possible) is a staple ingredient in any holiday!

So this time round, while the food and family were still in pride of place, I decided to swap the shopping time (cue the shock horror from my family) for beach time. My mind automatically transported us to the sandy shores of Langkawi because that’s the beach to visit in Malaysia, right?! Langkawi is undoubtedly beautiful, perfect for your doses of sun and sea, and jammed packed with hotels for every budget, but we wanted something a little more exclusive… and needed somewhere a little closer to the other stops on our trip… Pangkor Laut Resort fit the bill perfectly.

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