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Dining in Glasgow – Contemporary & Classic Scottish Cuisine

June 2, 2016

“Oh you must try a deep fried Mars Bar…” said basically everyone when I mentioned we were heading to Glasgow for the weekend. Of all the things to recommend to someone, this was the best they could do? Surely Scottish cuisine is more than just a sub-par chocolate bar (let’s all agree that Mars Bars are boring) covered with batter and deep fried? Surely…

It is so much more than a greasy chocolate bar. Of course it is; I’m not really sure what my momentary despair was all about. Logic leaves me sometimes when I’m worried about my next meal. Scotland is known for being home to an incredible range of produce from salmon to beef to black pudding, and perhaps the most famous of them all… haggis! So with my reinvigorated enthusiasm, we set out to try some of the best Scottish cuisine Glasgow has to offer.

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