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Grand Hotel Oslo – A Luxury City Getaway

September 8, 2017

I’m not one to succumb to any delusions of grandeur but when it’s practically forced upon you, it’s very hard to resist. The Grand Hotel Oslo welcomed me with the belief that every one of their guests has the right to feel grand, and because that sounded all too tempting, I happily obliged. As I said, I seemed to have left my backbone at their front door and resistance was futile… there was nothing wrong with being delusional and lapping up this life of grandeur for just a weekend, was there?  The lobby was all luxe and opulence, the staff were all smiles and agreeableness.; I was liking this place already and we hadn’t yet step foot in our room…

The Grand Hotel Oslo is a grand old dame of the city so it’s hardly a surprise that she likes to treat her guests like royalty too. Actually, since the doors opened in 1874, they’ve had real royalty, world leaders, movie and music stars making this their home during their time in Oslo… and now they can add a certain someone and I to their list. Though, I suspect we won’t make it onto their wall of fame! Aside from the old world charm, we also loved the location. With a view of the Royal Palace to the right and the rest of bustling Karl Johan gate, with its shops and bars, outstretched to the left, this was the perfect base for our weekend in the city!

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Oslo – A Weekend Getaway Guide

September 5, 2017

If a certain someone was hoping to find himself in the eerie, mysterious Oslo portrayed in Jo Nesbo’s popular crime thrillers, then he would have been mightily disappointed. I can imagine the city having a sense of moodiness in the long, dark winter months but our late summer visit meant balmy temperatures and a bit of Scandinavian sunshine, which suited me just fine. When I think of Norway, I always envisage luscious green forests and endless fjords, but nestled amongst all this natural beauty is also a fast-growing cosmopolitan city with plenty of heritage and culture to offer. The Oslo we met was calm, clean and compact – all the ingredients for a relaxing city break weekend!

I imagine many visitors use Oslo as the starting point for their tours of the famous fjords, but with only a weekend in town, we decided to forgo any time at sea and stay put in the city. However, with the many green spaces dotted in and around the neighbourhoods, and the laid back atmosphere, we didn’t feel like we were missing out too much. Our agenda for the weekend was focused on the museums, cityscapes, and the food… of course, the food. This is what we got up to and where we ate during our Oslo escape…

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