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Eating Abroad Morocco

Marrakech – A Food Tour

September 20, 2016

I looked up from the table and over at a certain someone. He had done the same thing as me: knife and fork down, paper napkin placed politely over his plate, hand reached out for another piece of bread. Even without words, I knew exactly what he was thinking as those same thoughts were bouncing around my head too. I’m not sure I can finish the rest of it, I still hate cumin, and whose bright idea was it to come to Morocco?

That was the first tagine we ate at the start of our visit to Morocco and it was such a disaster, it almost became our last. Where were the intense spices and aromas which were supposed to assault our senses? Not in the bowl in front of us, that we were certain. A friend with Moroccan heritage had warned me that the best food was probably served in people’s homes as the country doesn’t traditionally have a huge dining out culture, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised by our shaky start. 

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Eating Abroad Morocco

Essaouira – A Food Tour

May 24, 2016

For two people who have not yet mastered a decent doggy paddle, can barely float, and are just a tad uncomfortable in deep water, a certain someone and I have the most uncanny love of the beach. Lounging in the sun, a book in one hand and a drink in the other, with the sounds of waves lightly crashing in the background; we like a lot. Energetic watersports or hours spent underwater; we like less.

We’re the lazy kind of beach bums, but beach bums none the less, and will jump at any opportunity for some sand between our toes and a sniff of the salty sea air. Even if this means arriving at the wrong time of year… In our defence, you’d struggle to find perfect beach conditions in Essaouira any time of the year. This sleepy seaside town on Morocco’s coast looks ideal for a spot of sunbathing but the reality is, it’s just far too windy! But as Wellingtonians, we’re used to a little gust of wind so decided it just had to be added to our Morocco itinerary.

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