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Dublin – A Food & Drink Tour

April 25, 2017

I have a certain someone and Ireland to thank for my continuing ability to legally live, work, and eat on this side of the world. Without my main dining companion, his allegiance to the land of the shamrock, and about 500 pages of proof that we aren’t cohabitating out of convenience, I would almost certainly be on some Home Office black list. I’ve sat in the little holding pens by passport control at the airports, they’re not pleasant places to be so I’m eternally grateful to the man and the country.

At the time of the torturously long visa process, I had never even set foot in Ireland so I vowed that if the visa-gods let me stay, I would of course venture across and pay it a visit! As you know, the luck of the Irish was on my side (for the time-being as who knows what will happen after Brexit) so we kept our promise and jetted off to Ireland for a small road trip from Galway to Dublin… the former was filled with breathtaking landscape and delicious food, and the latter was filled with a bit of history and more delicious food and drink, here are my suggestions for where to eat and drink in Dublin…

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