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Industry Standard in Neukölln, Berlin

October 10, 2017

It took approximately two hours, that’s all I needed to confirm that Berlin and I were just not meant to be. It’s something I probably knew five years ago when I first set foot into the city, but was too green and travel-shy to admit it. Everyone I met raved about the German capital – the troubled but engrossing history, the edgy culture, and even the late night or early morning raves themselves. I am fascinated in the tales from its divisive past, but the transformation that followed is less appealing to me. Berlin is often praised for being grungy and alternative, but frustratingly, I have failed to find the charm in the grit as others do. I am self-aware enough to admit that the truth is, I’m just not cool enough. Berlin, it’s not you, it’s me.

However, it didn’t help that during the weekend we had to shelter in a construction site during a twenty minute torrential downpour, I felt the need to re-try currywurst to make sure they weren’t as bad as I remembered (they were), and I fell horribly ill one day which severely hindered my enthusiasm for seeing anything other than our hotel room! But there was a silver lining… and as ever, my salvation came in the form of food, in particular the food at Industry Standard. Frequently lauded as one of the city’s ambitious new bistros, it seems that when it comes to a restaurants, I might just be cool enough to appreciate Berlin’s edginess…

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Nuremberg – A Weekend Getaway

May 5, 2015

How do you pick your travel destinations? Some people have bucket lists they’ve been compiling since their first part-time job pay cheque. Others have maps adorned with colour coded flags for places they’ve been and ones they’re yet to step foot in. There are even some bargain hunters out there who happily search ‘everywhere’ on Skyscanner and see where they can land for as little as possible. We’re a bit of all of the above.

But with so many amazing places to see and my indecisiveness, it can still be hard to choose so we put 300 European cities of a certain size into a spreadsheet, put on a random generator and told Excel to throw out some options. A couple of months ago, it threw out Nuremberg. We knew two things about Nuremberg; it was the site of the Nuremberg trials, and they have an amazing Christmas market. With Christmas already a distant memory, we wavered because we weren’t sure what else it had going for it, but some might say we’re gamblers so we took a chance on this city and found quite the hidden gem!

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