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Dubai International Hotel – In Transit Airport Luxury

March 21, 2017

When we choose which hotels to book, we consider four main things: price, location, quality, and value for money. Not an exhaustive list but they cover our essentials, and definitely not always in that order. Ideally all four factors rate reasonably highly, but sometimes you want to or have no choice but to value one factor more than the others… Are you splashing out on a romantic weekend away where quality is everything and price matters less? Maybe you’re planning on sightseeing all day long and just need something clean and functional in the heart of the city?

Or what if you happen to be embarking on an over 30 hour journey to the other side of the world and want to sleep in a bed between your two very long flights? You book a room in the only hotel in the airport, that’s what! And that is how we ended up checking into the Dubai International Hotel for less than 10 hours. In any other situation, it would be absolutely ludicrous, but faced with that transit time sandwiched between two even longer flights, the lure of a comfortable bed and hot shower was just too great! Since location was the only factor that mattered, we had to trust that everything else would be just fine too…

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