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Cuba Eating Abroad

Historic Trinidad

May 10, 2014

After almost a week in Havana, its once leisurely pace was starting to feel hectic… even the most die-hard of travellers get a little weary, time to take things down a notch. We were headed south to Trinidad, but decided to take a quick pit stop in Santa Clara– if for nothing other than to break up the tedious bus ride. This sleepy town is famous for being the site of Che’s final battle and resting place, with the gigantic Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara to prove it, and a museum for those really keen.

But that’s probably not what we’ll remember it for… More likely, it will be that unbeknownst to us, we had arrived during the ‘great toilet paper shortage of 2014’– we did think it was odd that our casa only had serviettes, and then one day every mercado in town was had lines out the door, with everyone emerging with a 4-pack. The news was clearly out- the shipment was in!

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Cuba Eating Abroad


April 14, 2014

It’s hard to escape the chatter about Cuba– we’ve all seen the photos of colourful classic cars and heard about people buying truckloads of cheap as chips rum and cigars. From the moment we were greeted by our taxi driver Homero and his bright blue 1958 Dodge, we really did feel like we were escaping away (rather bumpily) to another world…

Like many, we arrived in Havana with romantic notions of going to a place where the world has slowed down, passing our days with endless cocktails and a constant soundtrack of live music. But did Castro’s country really live up to the tales people tell of it?

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