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When I was a child, my mother had great difficulty getting me to finish my dinner. I think people even thought I was malnourished- how embarrassing for my parents who not only make delicious food, but always made sure we were well fed!

Clearly the tables have turned and now I am making up for my slow start… nibbling, chomping, chewing, sipping, and basically consuming anything that comes my way.

Currently located in London and making the most of living in one of the most foodcentric places in the world, with a bit of travel on the side!

I’m always eating, drinking, talking, writing, and eating some more so if you would like to get in touch about working together on any of those things… please feel free to drop me a line at connieconsumes@gmail.com!

PS- All the words and photos are mine unless stated, so while the chances of anyone wanting to pinch them are slim, I really hope that doesn’t happen. Or at the very least, ask first – I don’t bite anything other than food!

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