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Teapigs Matcha Cocktail Masterclass at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

June 8, 2017

The first time I tried matcha, I decided that the bitter taste wasn’t for me and I’d better off trying to absorb all those health benefits in cookie form. My second experience made me realise that I had made it all wrong the first time – less is more, and the whisking part is quite crucial. When left in the hands of a true tea expert, the results were far less grassy and gross than my attempts and I actually didn’t mind it. However it took a bartender, a delectable set of canapés, and a roof terrace to really convert me into a regular matcha consumer. Third time’s the charm, as they say.

Standing in the middle of the Teapigs Matcha on the Terrace at Harvey Nichols in the heart of Knightsbridge, there was absolutely no mistaking what we were here to sample and celebrate – matcha, matcha, matcha. We were welcomed to the terrace with a Matcha Rum Punch, a vibrant concoction with plenty of rum and pineapple, and quite obviously from the colour, a good heap of matcha too! A cool, refreshing cocktail was just what I needed after a long, muggy afternoon in the office, but I enjoyed it even more knowing I could perhaps claim that it was actually good for me too…

The Teapigs team are pretty proud of their matcha, and rightly so – it’s made from 100% premium organic green tea leaves, grown in the shade for that extra chlorophyll boost, and jammed-pack full of health benefits. A cup of the green stuff which is pure ground up green tea leaves has got polytheonols which will help prevent UV damage to your skin, amino acid L-theanine to increase concentration and focused energy, as well as increasing the rate in which your body burns calories. And if all that wasn’t good enough, apparently one cup of matcha is equal to ten times the nutritional value of regular green tea, yet it has half the caffeine of coffee!

So I already knew matcha was pretty good for me on its own but what came as a real surprise was just how easily I could incorporate it into all sorts of dishes and cocktails! The food menu at Matcha on the Terrace has got you covered from breakfast to dinner with dishes like matcha granola and crepes, grilled chicken skewers, and BBQ chilli prawns with a matcha mayonnaise. We sampled a range of the menu in canapé form and I was most impressed with the subtle earthiness the matcha gave each dish – I particularly loved the roasted salmon with matcha glaze, and black quinoa and asparagus salad!

To showcase their matcha cocktails, Teapigs teamed up with Pococello, a limited edition small batch Limoncello created by Chase Distillery and Pizza Pilgrims. They’ve used the best Amalfi lemons and Chase’s 96% potato spirit to create a more complex flavoured, drier and zestier Limoncello. We tried a sip, served neat, and it was deliciously smooth and sweet, but it really shone when we added it to our matcha cocktails. Both the hilarious pun-ny Matcha-the-Day and Matcha-Do-About-Nothing were fun to make and a breeze to drink – the perfect tipple to end our evening on Teapigs’ Matcha on the Terrace!

If this has got you yearning for a matcha-centric meal, I would suggest you pay a visit to Matcha on the Terrace now; it’ll be at Harvey Nichols until 25 June 2017! They are stocking their extensive range of matcha products and other teas instore and online… and to get everyone really inspired about including matcha into their diet, I’m giving away a copy of The Book of Matcha written by Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby of Teapigs – this beautiful book is filled with everything you need to know about matcha as well as heaps of healthy recipes!

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Are you a fan of matcha? Have you ever tried it in dishes or cocktails?

Thanks to Teapigs and Harvey Nichols for inviting me to sip Matcha on the Terrace but as always, all opinions are mine and mine alone! 

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