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Road Trippin’ with Wayfair UK

February 18, 2016

Road trippin’ with my two favourite allies… Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies… it’s time to leave this town, it’s time to steal away… Let’s go get lost, anywhere in the USA…

Or anywhere for that matter, because I love a road trip, and that Red Hot Chili Peppers track. Anyone else a fan? I remember blasting it out from my zippy little Nissan hatchback as I was (very safely) hooning around the streets of Wellington and cruising up the North Island on one of my frequent road trips with my bestie. We’d often pop up to Auckland on one of our university term breaks for a spot of shopping and change of scene, and that track would always be on the road trip CD… yes, that was really back in the day when CDs were still used!

These days the zippy hatchback and the CDs are gone and we’re cruising up and down a different country, but we’ve still got those snacks and supplies! I may be a light packer when it comes to plane journeys but it’s a whole different story when it comes to car journeys… it’s like some emergency panic switch goes off, I think we will never be able to stop between A and B and I absolutely need to be prepared for every situation. Though admittedly, those situations usually revolve around being hungry or thirsty; one must always be prepared for those!


I know some of you out there have this problem too… admit it, you’re a road trip overpacker too, aren’t you? To make you feel better, I thought I’d share with you the hamper I, with a little help from Wayfair, put together for our recent Valentine’s weekend road trip! We were setting off from London to Dunkeld in Scotland to visit some friends of ours, with overnight pit stops in Darlington and Glasgow, so as you can imagine, there were a lot of hours in the car. Which probably explains the all the chocolate you’re about to see.

Every good hamper starts off with a basket; my choice was a sturdy rattan basket with all important handles which I think will also double quite nicely as a ‘breakfast in bed’ tray, hint hint to a certain someone! But back to the supplies… an insulated lunch bag to keep our sandwiches fresh, a decent sized flask to ensure a certain someone could have hot tea all day long, loads of chocolate including the quirky Wellington Chocolate Factory bars we got sent for Christmas, and my favourite herbal teas from Clipper.

Now those might have been the essential items but we also threw in some extra items which are always handy when you’re out exploring… a neck pillow in case the passenger needs a snooze, an umbrella and a rain poncho because we are in the UK, headphones if there are disagreements on the driving soundtrack, a black and white camera because those photos are always so cool, a road map so you feel like you’re really out on the road, and a lantern because you just never know…

Then to make it extra special, and make me feel more creative than I really am, I popped the cutest little labels on our supplies. They put a smile on my face every time I reached in to grab something from the hamper!

And we were off… getting out of London was the usual nightmare but once we were out on the road, it was all worth it!

We stopped off for an amazing meal at the Raby Hunt in Darlington (more on that later), detoured to Gretna Green (but definitely didn’t elope), explored Glasgow, caught up with friends, and even endured a pretty but slightly treacherous snow flurry in Scotland.

There’s something quite liberating and relaxing about driving through the countryside and marvelling at the landscapes; definitely a welcomed change from the hustle of London which I cannot recommend enough!

Thanks to Wayfair UK for sending me some amazing items to help me put together my DIY Hamper for our road trip – if you’re inspired to put together your own hamper for an upcoming road trip, city break, or gift, go check out their site for a great range of items to put inside as well as the cute little labels!

As always, all opinions are mine and mine alone!

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