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From New York to London, with Love

February 4, 2016

When I was a foot loose and fancy free single lady, I didn’t really care for Valentine’s Day. That silly little cupid with his overpriced red roses and heart shaped chocolates can move right on because this lady was not falling for it. However, in the last couple of years, the 14th of February has held a special place in my heart… but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking!

After almost four years of being the other (crazier, hungrier, obviously better… the list goes on) half of a certain someone, I can confirm that my view on Valentine’s Day has not changed. It’s all just a made up marketing goldmine but I am happy to receive a cheesy card, bonus points if it contains a food pun! This so called ‘day of love’ is not significant to me simply because I’m in love… no, the 14th of February is special because back in 2014, that’s the day we finished our nearly four month adventure through North America, Cuba and Mexico, and landed in London to start our new, much longer adventure!

A certain someone likes to recall it as the day ‘I flew you from New York to London’, but we both know it was a joint effort. To get to that day, we had been on countless planes, trains, and dodgy buses with a couple of beloved rental cars thrown in the mix. We had enjoyed the blistering heat of Cuba and Mexico, the comfortable cool of a US west coast winter, and the relentless cold of its east coast winter. It was the most incredible trip I’ve had (so far) and I would do it all again tomorrow… in fact, we actually talk about reliving the whole thing in our golden years. By that point I might actually be brave enough to gamble properly in Vegas!

We spent over a hundred days together; non stop, first sight in the morning to the last in the evening, from extremely excited to extremely tired, back to excited again, then got to the end in one piece and with every desire to carry on exploring together. In my books, that’s an achievement! So from ending one amazing trip in New York to the start of our new lives in London, the 14th of February will always be a day I remember and love!

Love is certainly in the air this month, so tell us what you love for February’s Travel Linkup – just pop over to Emma, Angie, Jessi, or Kaelene’s blogs to join in!

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