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Carnivore Club with Cobble Lane Cured

February 16, 2016
Sliced fennel salami close up

I cannot keep up with all these subscription boxes. Every week I hear about a new type of box; artisan snack box, beauty box, stationery box… have you been lured in by a box yet? I can understand how they caught you: the element of surprise in the contents, the excitement of getting real mail, and well… just the plain joy of getting new stuff. It also helps that they’re usually cleverly priced so you won’t begrudge that £10 to £20 disappearing from your bank account every month. But do the contents of these subscription boxes really live up to the hype?

Even after seeing a million and one reviews of all sorts of boxes, I wasn’t entirely sure… seriously, how many types of fancy crisp brands are there in the UK and who really needs a new silicon cake mould every month?! But recently I had to eat my words; literally and quite happily. So let me tell you all about this box… don’t worry, there won’t be a video of me opening it, I find those about as awkward as watching someone pretending to love the present their loopy aunt just gave them!

I think it’s fairly obvious from our dining choices that a certain someone and I are fans of all things meaty so we were licking our lips with joy when I found out we were getting a box from Carnivore Club! Step aside novelty popcorn and random lipliners, I have no interest in you… but premium meat is something I always have an appetite for. The concept is simple and much like any other subscription; sign up, pay a monthly fee, forget about the dark days of Veganuary and Meat-free Monday and unleash your inner carnivore.

I really like the idea that every month Carnivore Club showcases a different supplier; gotta keep your meat options open right?! I also really like the handy information card that comes in the box; sounds a bit geeky but I think it’s nice to know a little bit about what you’re sticking in your gob. January’s box contained a meat selection from Cobble Lane Cured, a fairly new British charcuterie company based in North London.

The team cut, cure, smoke, and hang all their meats themselves, using only the best raw ingredients, and giving it all the time and effort required to turn out top notch products. If this has piqued your interest, I highly recommend you go check out the step by step process they’ve put on their site… I was already quite giddy by all this #meatporn and we hadn’t even tried the goods yet!

When we finally stopped reading about it and actually started eating it, we were very, very impressed by the quality of the charcuterie. In our Carnivore Club box we got some coppa, an amazingly rich, salty, cured pork collar, some moreish kabanos, fennel salami, chilli and oregano salami, and a small block of ‘nduja, a spicy salami paste.

There wasn’t anything we didn’t like but there were some products which we really, really liked – both salamis and the ‘nduja were standouts. The flavours are ‘knock you in the face’ bold and they actually taste like the ingredients it says on the packet, which I think is a good indication of the quality. We paired the meats simply with some ciabatta and camembert, we may have nibbled on them straight out of the fridge, and even threw the leftover ‘nduja into a frittata, all equally delicious.

This is not your average supermarket selection, it’s light years better, and this is reflected in the price of £29 per box. Joining the Carnivore Club means you don’t need to go out of your way to find a premium product, you get to discover new artisan companies making great things, and there is a decent amount of meat in each box. If you don’t think you can afford it every month, you can also choose to get the boxes every second month or every quarter which I think makes Carnivore Club even more accessible and worthwhile!

Thanks to Carnivore Club UK and Crafty Nectar for our box of meatiness, but as always, all opinions are mine and mine alone!

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