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Berlin Brünch, Clapton

February 11, 2016

2015 was not a good year for brunch and I; we kind of fell out of sync, we didn’t agree on certain things, it was like we were no longer compatible. While everyone was gushing over their #avocadotoast or #yolkporn on instagram, I was wincing at the thought of paying £10 for avocado roulette (ripe or not) or grumbling at the fact that one egg on half a muffin was becoming a normal portion size.

It just confirmed that I don’t like eggs or pancakes enough to warrant a special trip out for them, so sorry brunch, I’m just not that into you… I’ll move straight to lunch, thanks very much. But just before the year was out and the foodblogger police caught wind of my rebellion against the current it-girl of meals, there was a glimmer of hope for brunch and I, for which I have the Germans and my text message skim reading habits to thank.

I’d received a message from the lovely Vicky asking if I’d like to try this uber cool German style brunch in Clapton; of course in my manic work mode, I read it as Clapham, figured it was only down the road so why not… but of course Clapton is actually a long way down the road, across three tube lines, and a brisk walk away from Tooting. Oops. I almost decided not to go when I realised this, but I’m glad I was too embarrassed to admit my mistake and tottered along that chilly Saturday morning because it was sehr gut!

Created by Noemi, a proper Berliner, the Berlin Brünch experience is all about enjoying quality, locally sourced ingredients, as well as some special German treats, at a long, lazy pace. As soon as I walked through the doors and saw the tables set with platters of breads, homemade jams, the generous selection of cured meats and cheeses… I knew I might quite enjoy this brunch.

BerlinBruench_table3I honestly didn’t know where to start; does one eat the eggs topped with remoulade first or maybe grab a slice of crusty bread and slather with jam? Or is it more customary to begin with the savoury items like a slice of cheese and some salami? I’m not sure if the Germans have rules about these things but once we had taken more than enough snaps of the gorgeous table setting, I just went for it like some maniac who hadn’t eaten for days. I loved it all, even the eggs, and particularly the smoked mackerel pate made by Noemi, the curious granola with quark, and those crisp and fluffy buckwheat waffles drizzled with my favourite, nutella!

I arrived starving and left stuffed, and I didn’t even have seconds, or thirds which you would wouldn’t need but could have if you were a true greedy guts. How? Why? What is this magic, you ask. Not only do Berliners have good taste when it comes to brunch, they’re rather generous too… it was bottomless but I was more than sated after round one! This was definitely a lot better than piddly eggs on toast and well worth schlepping across town for… even in the cold, drizzly London weather.

Berlin Brünch is back for 2016! Go check out their website for more details and book one in because, trust me, if it’s good enough to win me and my anti-brunch ways over, you know it’s good!

Thanks to Noemi and the team for having me, but as always, all opinions are mine and mine alone!

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