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January 19, 2016

Does anyone else remember those chain email things back in their tween/teen years? I have no idea what the chains were about but do remember that they required you to forward onto five friends otherwise the chain would be broken and you would be cursed forever. Well I never passed them on and if this is what they had in mind for a cursed life, I think I made the right choice! However, as it’s the new year and all, I thought I would buck the trend this one time and add a link to the Sisterhood of World Bloggers chain which is currently in motion. And, because The Mayfairy is desperate to know my pet peeve…

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Where is your all-time favourite destination?

Well there’s no dilly-dallying around here, we’re starting with the tricky questions! There was a lot of pondering, brain squeezing, and general umming and ahhing over this one as I genuinely don’t think I’ve been anywhere I didn’t like… sure, some I loved more than others and some had things I really didn’t love about them but that’s part and parcel of exploring.

But if I must choose, I pick America… the great, the beautiful, the gigantic land that is so much more than fat, hot dog eating, gun lovers! We spent two glorious months cruising across the country enjoying the changes in landscape and the incredible food, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Yes, the food in America is fantastic, you just have to work a little harder to find it and pay a little more!


Which post are you most proud of?

This is like asking a mother to choose which of her babies she loves most… oh wait, I do ask my mother that all the time… and quickly answer ‘me, the first born, of course’ before she has time to think twice and perhaps say my sister or brother in a moment of madness. But again, if I must choose… I pick the one which involves pork, pastry, and plaiting, because apparently there are a lot of people who search for these elements on the internet!

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead?

Anthony Bourdain and Jay Rayner; and we’ll make it one of those bring a plate things so we can all have a shot at being in the firing line!

Do you have a favourite travel app?

When we travel, the only time I use my phone is to take photos when we’re out and about, and to trawl through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook when we’re back in wifi range. A certain someone will still use a map you can hold and write on, scribble notes and directions on paper, and look for street signs instead of following that little blue dot on google maps to get around a new city; and I use a certain someone. So I guess in a sense, he is my only, and by default, favourite travel app!

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite part is having something which reminds me that there is at least one, albeit little, creative bone in my body; my least favourite part is when people ask me what ‘free stuff’ I’ve received lately. Trust me, if I was only doing it for the freebies, there would be a lot of posts about morphsuits, and no one wants to see me in one of those!

Is anything you like to do any time you visit somewhere new?

Google some places for dinner, pop them on the map, then go eat!

Where is somewhere you’ve been or something you did that you didn’t expect much of, but ended up loving?

Late last year we went to Gdansk because we encountered an enthusiastically patriotic Polish waiter, I’d never been to Poland, and flights for the next month weren’t outrageously expensive; we didn’t know what to expect but absolutely loved our weekend there. It’s a relaxed port city with a pretty old town, plenty of museums to meander in, and heartily delicious food!


What’s your pet peeve?

Have I ever mentioned how I’m a super duper laid back person that a fly couldn’t bug? No? Good, because if I had, I lied. Those who know me will know that I’m usually very chipper and rational, but I wasn’t blessed with much patience and I don’t suffer fools easily so I guess it’s safe to say I have a couple of pet peeves… This is a sample of what’s currently grinding my gears:

  • Wait staff who clear a certain someone’s plate before I’ve finished eating; I know I’m a much slower eater than he is, no need to emphasise that.
  • People who think EasyJet’s one cabin bag only rule will, for some unfathomable reason, not apply to them and when, shock horror, it does, they then proceed to hold up the line as they try to stuff their handbag into their already overflowing suitcase.
  • Restaurants who forget that a pie requires the filling to be encased in pastry; just give a girl her share of the puff stuff, ok?
  • People who don’t have queue etiquette; don’t push in and don’t stand too close to me, I don’t want to feel your breath on my neck.

What’s your most treasured possession?

My health, especially when gallivanting around the world. No one likes to be curled up in the foetal position in their hotel room feeling sorry for themselves when there’s a whole new place out there which needs exploring. I’ve suffered this fate once or twice and I’m sure a certain someone might add that I did not suffer it gracefully!


Back to consuming in 2016

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful break over the holiday period; as you may have seen on Instagram and Twitter, a certain someone and I made a short stop in Madrid before heading off on our Moroccan adventure! Hence why things have been a little quiet, but we’re back and I’ve got loads of tales to tell!


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