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Chef's Collection, The Beautiful Book Company

December 7, 2015

I am in present buying panic mode; not only do I have no idea what to get my darling family for Christmas this year, I’ve got to send if off by Thursday otherwise Royal Mail dare not guarantee it gets to New Zealand before Santa does. Oh December, how did you become so sneaky and just creep up on me like this? At least for a certain someone’s gift I can still do what I usually do… go on a mad shopping frenzy the week leading up to Christmas but this doesn’t work when your family are on the other side of the world!

So, what does one buy the parents who insist they ‘want nothing’ but really, really want something, and that something better not be socks or hand cream? Or the sister who for the last year has been basking in the newly moneyed glory of being a fully fledged career woman and enjoying all the disposable income perks that come with it? Or even harder still… the much cooler younger ‘bro’ who is about to enter university with all the confidence in the world?

Books. Everyone likes a good book, and with the help of The Beautiful Book Company I wouldn’t even have to worry about choosing them or shipping them! Sounds pretty perfect to me. The Beautiful Book Company have put together tailored gift boxes and subscriptions which are ideal for gifting to those people who have everything, and need nothing but a little treat!

Photo 01-12-2015, 8 18 39 p.m.

They’ve got a range of categories to choose from so there’s something for almost every ‘hard to buy for’ person in your life. I’m sure Mum and Dad would love the Chef’s Collection, in fact that could work for my sister too… though I had already thought about getting her the Contemporary Collection or Traveller’s Collection… but perhaps I’ll get that for the little brother?!

You get the gist; I’m indecisive but honestly they’ve got all sorts covered. Once you’ve chosen the collection, The Beautiful Book Company will do the rest – wrap it all pretty then send it anywhere in the UK, a couple of places in Europe, and luckily for me, all the way to New Zealand!

Even if it hadn’t saved me from present buying despair, I would still think the concept of The Beautiful Book Company is a wonderful one. I’ve always been a keen reader so the gift of a book has been a special one since I was a child; even more so now that I tend to read on my Kindle. Sure, I love the ease and convenience of the Kindle when I’m sandwiched on the tube but the feel and smell of a real book will beat that any day! I also love the fact that each book is a surprise so it’s even ok to gift one to yourself… Look, I like getting mail too you know!

Photo 06-12-2015, 6 09 06 p.m.

Find out more about The Beautiful Book Company and their range of book boxes, subscriptions and stationery on their website and get forget all your present buying woes!

Thanks to The Beautiful Book Company for sending me my own beautifully wrapped package from their Cooks Collection, but as always, all opinions are mine and mine alone!

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