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Feast Happy with Zomato

November 25, 2015

If your work place is anything like mine, you’ll be knee deep into that awful point of the year where everything is winding up, up, up before it begins to wind down for the silly season. I’m leaving the house around 730am and getting home after 730pm, though it feels a lot later given daylight ends at 4ish! I know a lot of people are working a lot longer and later, so I count myself lucky, but I am still absolutely knackered by the time I get home. And usually very hungry, which soon becomes very hangry.

For roughly two thirds of the week, hell is not breaking loose from my hangry moods… we’re either eating out or a certain someone is on dinner duty, but as we share the cooking, there is still that third of the week where I must don the apron and whip something up. Not usually an issue because you all know I love to cook, but at the moment that enthusiasm is nowhere to be found after a day of slogging it out in the office. I don’t seem to have many quick meals in my repertoire so I could turn to the takeaways or better yet, use the delivery option… Tempting but that combined with my current less than active lifestyle is not going to end well!

Recently I was introduced to another choice, one which has all the ease of a naughty takeaway delivered to your door, but is whole lot better for you. So instead of coming home and rushing around to get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour, I could order a wholesome, gourmet meal for a certain someone and I when I have a spare moment at work… pick a delivery time… arrive home… put it in the oven… jump in the shower to remove the London tube filth… 20mins later… voila, dinner is ready to eat!

The inspiration or drive behind Feast Happy sounded remarkably similar to the predicament I described earlier; long days at work, little time or energy left to cook something tasty and healthy from scratch but little appetite for your standard greasy takeaway. Preaching to the choir here guys! I couldn’t stop nodding in agreement and they hadn’t even told me about their food ethos; seasonal, wholesome, fresh food made daily, cleverly cooked and chilled at the optimal time for reheating, prepared by chefs from popular London restaurants such as Rochelle Canteen. Cue more nodding in agreement.

All this talk of food was naturally making us very hungry so we were glad to see the arrival of the first course; a simple salad of roasted peppers and feta. The contrast of sweetness from the pepper and saltiness from the feta works really well, and it’s perfect with a slice of crusty bread. With those plates scraped clean, it was time for the main event… Most of us were easily sold on the oxtail and barley stew with creamy horseradish over the artichoke and barley stew with tuscan kale, but both are great examples of winter comfort food!

A certain someone and I are big oxtail fans; the meat has got a great depth of flavour and I love that sense of satisfaction you get from pulling the tender meat off the bone. Unsurprisingly, Rochelle Canteen did it justice, and with Feast Happy you can enjoy it without putting in all those hours of slow cooking! If I was being super picky, I’d want more vegetables alongside the generous portion of meat and barley, but the horseradish was so good, I’ll forgive them this time. We finished off the evening with a slither of hazelnut and chocolate tart, accompanied by a punchy parting shot. I covered my tart with a generous drizzle of cream to bring together the intensely nutty, crumbly tart; delicious.


Right now, Feast Happy are only doing mains but if they can deliver starters and desserts as good as this, we might end up having three course dinners all too often. But in the meantime, I’ll happily feast on their hearty but healthy mains dishes when I’m home late and hangry, and just need dinner on the table in hurry!

So those of you out there who are running low on time and energy to cook a delicious meal from scratch, let Feast Happy take care of that for you! Thanks to Zomato and Feast Happy for having me over for the best ‘ready meal’ I’ve ever eaten, but as always, all opinions are mine and mine alone!

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