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Drinks On Me This Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2015

“Hey, I’ll buy you a drink.” 

I’m sure this is a sentence we’ve all uttered many times before and secretly, or not so secretly, look forward to hearing!

Somewhere along the line, the gesture of buying someone a drink became good social etiquette. I’m not sure how but I’m not complaining. In my time as a sensible consumer of alcohol I’ve bought many drinks to say anything you’d find on a Hallmark card- thank you, I’m sorry, happy birthday, congratulations, sorry you’re leaving… And for every drink I’ve bought someone, I’ve easily received my fair share back so it’s one big happy cycle. Nothing beats a drink with friends and now with the new app One From Me you can send a drink to your friends wherever they are in the UK, for whatever reason.

It’s perfect for the time you can’t make it to the bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday or have so much work on you can’t get to the pub for a colleague’s leaving drinks. Or when you haven’t got round to catching up because well, you live in London and your schedules just don’t want to work together. A friend and I took it out for a spin last weekend…

First, we both downloaded the app- it’s available on both Apple and Android, then we logged in with our Facebook accounts and we were good to go.

IMG_1953Next, load up some credit so you can send out some drinks- you can use your debit card or paypal account. Each drink you send your dear friend will cost you £5 and they’ll be able to redeem it for their tipple of choice be it a beer, wine or house spirit so you don’t even have to order for them!

Now for the fun part… time to redeem our gifts and relax with that drink. On the way home from an arduous afternoon of shopping we decided to search for the nearest pub using the map- there will be over 100 participating bars and pubs by the end of February so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something in your area.


Once we arrived, we went up to the bar as we usually would to order our drinks and instead of handing over some cash or my debit card, I very smugly handed over my phone. There was some fancy fingerprint scanning action and then the drinks were ours!

It was easy peasy and a bit of fun.


I’m never going to stop meeting up with friends for a drink or two but sometimes when everyone’s just a little too busy to see each other, it might be nice to send a message saying, “hey, here’s one from me!”.

So here’s a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ one from me to you- all you have to do is download the app and a drink will be there waiting! Cheers!

OneFromMe_700x210_EMAIL_Prezzybox_BE FABULOUS

You should know- the enthusiastic drink senders from the app ‘One From Me’ asked me to give this a whirl, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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