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Where to Consume Next? A Travel Wish List for 2015

January 4, 2015

2014 was definitely an action packed year full of travel and foodie adventures. Looking back through the photos I still get warm fuzzies reminiscing about all the places we’ve been lucky enough to get to, and a little disturbed about how much we’ve eaten!

We started the year in Havana squeezed into a tiny bar, knocking back mojitos and avoiding the buckets of water being thrown down from balconies, and ended it strolling the cobbled streets of Lisbon eating custard tarts.

In between we managed to stop into TrinidadToronto, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Newport, Washington DC, Richmond, relocate to London, then head to Edinburgh, Barcelona, Cornwall, the Lake District, Bologna, Amsterdam, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Toulouse, and San Sebastian. 

A lot of planes, trains and automobiles were boarded in 2014 and I hope 2015 is no different. We have been in London just short of a year and since my time here is limited by pesky immigration laws, 2015 is still going to be all about this part of the world.

Here’s my wishlist for the year:

  • Athens- see you at the end of January.
  • Malta- all locked in for Easter.
  • Istanbul- because I love weaving through warrens of markets.
  • Ireland- to experience some breathtaking views and quaint little towns.
  • Madrid- to quell my cravings for Spanish food and wine.
  • Dubrovnik- because I have a soft spot for walled old towns.
  • Marrakech- to finally set foot in Africa.
  • China- because my sister is currently living the intern life in Beijing and is sending me ridiculously hunger-inducing photos.
  • Japan and Sri Lanka- because I just couldn’t resist slipping in a few extras.

I have a feeling this is not an exhaustive list but it’ll do for now… Happy travels everyone! 


Thanks to Emma, Kelly, and Rebecca for the Travel Linkup- this was my first and I’m looking forward to the next! 

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