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Fog Disruptions, Wellington

November 9, 2013

Our big adventure was supposed to begin on Friday at 530pm… the tickets have been booked for months, the upgrade secured and the preferred seats paid for. But, like thousands of other travellers, our best laid plans were disrupted by stubborn fog with what seemed like a particular fondness for Wellington airport. After a couple of hours of waiting, a couple more hours on the phone with Air New Zealand, we managed to rebook our flights- with no direct flight to Vancouver until Sunday so we took the next best option- San Francisco then Vancouver on Saturday night. My heart sunk.

With a fear of deja vu and an equally dodgy forecast for Saturday we thought we would take matters into our own hands and consider another option to get to Auckland to make sure we were getting on that plane. This led to an amazing-race-like effort to beat off other desperate travellers for the last rental car then a mad dash to pick it up before the office in town closed in 15mins minutes- through rush hour traffic. We made it with 5 minutes to spare, and then were told the rental car was actually¬†free– we just had to pay for petrol and insurance. We jumped in the car and started to drive- what’s wrong with getting in a little road trip practice before the real deal in America?!

We already decided our 100 day adventure was going to start on Friday and so it did… just not as we had planned. When our flight to Vancouver was taking off, we were just pulling into Bulls for the first meal of our trip- a delectabull (just couldn’t help myself) kebab from the well known Bull’s establishment- Jabies. It didn’t ease the pain but definitely hit the spot and gave us enough oomph to make it to Taihape that night.

After a restful night in the gumboot capital we set off bright and early for Auckland- it was a pretty smooth drive, we made it in good time, and even managed to catch up with some friends before making a beeline to the airport! With all our fingers and toes crossed, we went to the Air New Zealand counter… and after some phone calls and furious typing we were told that they could bump us up- hooray!

Which brings me to where we are now… showered, changed, feet up in the Koru Lounge, glass of wine in hand. Vancouver, here we come- take two!


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