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WBC Restaurant, Victoria Street

October 9, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we went to NZ Opera’s The Flying Dutchman. Neither of us are opera aficionados or those snobby culture vultures but we’re always game for something a bit different. So straight after work, I rushed home to don those glad rags and voila- 30mins later- we were off!

We needed an early dinner so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to cross WBC Restaurant off the short list. It annoyingly doesn’t take bookings (yes, another one of those) and still riding on the coat tails of hype so is always busy. Well, at 6pm sharp on a Thursday night, we were in luck. Apparently from the same people who brought us Capitol, it has been well publicised for having a menu that gets tweaked each day based on what’s ‘fresh’ and available. This seems to be the in thing right now and leaves me rather torn. On the one hand I think- great, using less conventional cuts and what’s on hand seems more sustainable and cost effective? On the other hand… you’re charging me how much (!) for those lambs brains? Hmm.

But I digress… tonight we had terakihi fins to start- extreme concentration required to eat these slippery suckers… as my mother always says- best not to talk when eating fish off the bone. So in silence we stripped away the flesh, perfectly paired with a rather rustic and punchy salsa verde. A certain someone might have thought it was too much effort but this was right up my alley.


For the main we went Boots and All- basically an upmarket meat and two vege- tonight it was steak, mushrooms, and fries (ok, it was actually roasted pumpkin but I have an irrational dislike of those putrid orange beasts). The dish is ideal for two the waitress told us… Lies. Or maybe she sensed that we were people who could eat. Yep, we can put away a fair share of food but we really had to go the extra mile here… I’d say the dish comfortably feeds four with an extra small plate or two. Sides are barely worth a mention; balsamic mushrooms- safe but predictable, and the fries were way too thin and crisp- if I can’t put my fork into it, it shouldn’t be on my plate. All washed down with a Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2012 which I’m hoping New World puts on sale so I can stock up- it was that delicious.

I’d definitely pop in again and try more of the small plates- I have an inkling they could be where the magic is… Judging from what we had tonight, it all seemed to be a bit of song and dance for just ho-hum. But hey this wasn’t the main event- we were off to see a real show!

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