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Burger Wellington 2013, the Final Two

September 1, 2013

It’s been a week since Wellington on a Plate ended and a whole week since my last burger. It was fun while it lasted but I am glad it is over… have I got burger burn out? Burger fatigue? Blocked arteries? Not sure, maybe… actually, hopefully not. I still love a good burger, I just think we need some time apart… but I’ll call when I’m ready.

So to round up the burger decafecta: Saturday lunch at L’affare and Sunday lunch at Osteria del Toro.

The weather was decidedly glorious for a Wellington winter’s day, I was craving something lighter and definitely not consisting of any red meat. We had planned on more porky goodness from Ti Kouka but surprise, surprise, it was full. I am even more disappointed now that I know it won this year’s Burger Cook Off! Anyway, onwards to number two on the short list- L’affare’s ‘The One That Got Away’. Happy to report that it didn’t get away, in fact, the crunchy polenta crumbed fillets slathered in the shrimpy mayo stuff and jammed between a pretty, petite bun made their way to my tummy very easily. It was definitely one of the better burgers I’ve had.


After a long, final flick through the WOAP booklet, sighing as I eliminated all the places not open on a Sunday, we decided on the ‘Henny Penny’ at Osteria del Toro to close the burgerthon. I’ll admit now that I am not an Osteria fan- I think they are all ‘style’ over substance… the food has never really enthused me… fun place to go with a group of friends but c’mon people, you know the pizza and pasta is just so-so. This visit really didn’t change my opinion, if anything the place looks tackier during the day. I digress- let’s get back to Henny… she was, well, just a little bit ridiculous. Her patty was actually really tasty- strong parmesan flavour, juicy inside, crunchy outside. The bun could have been toasted and maybe a little more exciting than sesame seed… but then she was perched on a nest of chips (getting soggy) and had wings. Henny should have had them clipped- not in the least bit spicy, a little sickly, and soggy. Overall, she wasn’t the worst thing I’ve had in a bun over the last two weeks but they shouldn’t have bothered with the novelty factor… at least the sangria helped wash everything down!

So then it was all over for another year- 10 burgers and several multi-course meals ordered, snapped, scoffed, and rated or… roasted. After two weeks of obsessively eating out, we’ve decided that for the following two weeks we will only be eating in… whose great idea was that?!

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